Where to go: Wherever the music takes you
Why to go: Giving in to the music, finding a community of people to love something with, and (ahem) the groupies
What to bring: A vehicle that doubles as a sleeping place, and substances to enhance your, err, listening abilities

Back in the day, going on tour with The Dead or following The Stones was such a regular occurrence that it was one of the preferred ways to kill a summer. Though it's not as common now, especially as bands tour more and more, it's still a great way to become part of a community of people who have, despite the tendency to listen to a hundred bands at once, chosen just one to follow. It's a truly unique experience following a band across country and often leads to encounters with interesting people (and weirdos), and ,occasionally, interactions with the band. At the very least, you'll have some wild stories to tell your kids, though they'll probably be unimpressed.