Notable TV roles: Raylan Givens, Justified (FX); Wes Krulik, Damages (FX); Seth Bullock, Deadwood (HBO)

Raylan Givens is one of the coolest badasses on TV, so why is a character worthy of inclusion with the all-time protagonist greats not as well known as his contemporaries, Walter White or Don Draper? Why isn’t Justified doing Sons of Anarchy numbers?

Out of four seasons, Olyphant’s only been nominated once for his quiet performance as Givens, the witty US Marshal with a cowboy sensibility, itchy trigger finger and a bubbling anger and self-hate. But with a show that routinely gives him awesome moments, like throwing a bullet at an enemy and warning “the next one’ll come faster,” he should be contending with the top dogs every year. Now that you’ve finished marathoning every other water-cooler cable show, make Justified your next priority.