Notable TV roles: Wynn Duffy, Justified (FX); Jesse's substance abuse group leader, Breaking Bad (AMC); Jake Abernathy, Bates Motel (A&E); Anson Fullerton, Burn Notice (USA)

One of TV’s most reliable character actors out, Burns is recurring on a few of your favorite shows, but his most consistent gig has been sending chills down our spines as sadistic made man Wynn Duffy on FX’s Justified. Jere's one of those greats who's best when he’s silently reacting things. (If there’s isn’t a tumblr with photographic documentation of Jere Burns reacting to things, the Internet has let Nas down.) Burns is making enough rounds on the cable circuit, but he deserves to be locked up officially on an ensemble cast somewhere. Preferably as a villain.