Skate is the series that destroyed Tony Hawk’s reign as the king of skateboarding video games.

This was the game skaters have been waiting for, when you played this game it felt as if you were really skateboarding. Released in 2007, Skate introduced a revolutionary new way to play skateboarding games. All of the tricks are done with just the flick of the control stick. The buttons were only used to kick & push. There was no button to do a grind like in the Tony Hawk games, in this game you grind the same way you do in real life.

All the tricks in this game are done in similar fashion as they are done in real life. The downfall to that is the real world frustration that skaters get from having to constantly do a trick over and over. You may become frustrated but at least you don’t end up with those real world injuries and pain from real world trick failures. Skate is the true skateboarding experience; there is nothing else out there like it.

Practicing your moves on this game will actually help you learn how to set up and practice the tricks in real life, that’s how authentic it is.