A few weeks back, Google bought out Waze: the community-based traffic app that allows drivers to warn each other of police traps, road closures and gas prices. Now, Google is taking the best of what Waze had to offer and is bringing it to Google Maps with their new update for Android devices.

The Android update features new 'Explore' and 'Reviews' options that allow users to learn about unfamiliar places; and both options come with big, tiled pictures of places to check out. But, taken from the DNA of Waze (and the main reason Google spent $1 billion for their company), Google Maps will now let users "see reports of problems on the road that you can tap to see incident details," the company said in a blog post. Google Maps will display traffic incidents with a "!" icon on the map, which users can tap for more information. In addition to explaining what the incident relates to, Google Maps will be Google Maps, and give you alternative routes to take if you want to avoid that area. 

An iPhone update will be "coming soon;" but, of course, Google is going to cater to their own before before tossing it to Apple.