The game developers behind Halo and Modern Warfare are about to go to war, but their battlefield is not some debris-strewn alien landscape or besieged and burning metropolis. Theirs is the video game industry itself.

We've seen it before: Mario vs. Sonic. Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band. Forza vs. Gran Turismo. Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball vs. Rumble Roses. But the rivalry heating up between Respawn's Titanfall and Bungie's Destiny could be the most exciting yet.

Destiny comes from Bungie, the original creator of Halo that gave up the franchise to Microsoft so they could move on to this. Meanwhile Titanfall is the product of Respawn Entertainment, formed by the former leaders of Infinity Ward. Both games promise to bring truly next-gen experiences to the next generation of consoles, but which will ultimately deliver on its promises and come out on top? We can't predict that, but we can tell you five reasons why both Titanfall and Destiny look awesome.

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