Everyone knew Vine was going to take a jab when Instagram announced its video features on June 20. According to a new graph, instead of a jab, it looks like Instagram landed a right hook. 

The graph above, made by the free analytics tool from Topsy, shows just how fast Vine users flew Twitter's coup. Topsy's graph shows the shares of both services on Twitter: the orange line represents Vine's shares, while the blue line represents Instagram's shares. Though Vine's usage seems to have fluctuated from the beginning of July, the steepest drop happens almost exactly on June 20—the day Instagram's founder, Kevin Systrom, made the announcement that video would come to the service that day. Seriously, you could practically ski off of Vine's drops. 

On June 19, 2.4 million links from Vine were shared on Twitter. A week later, they fell to 900,000. 900,000! That's a 64-percent drop. Since then, Vine tweets have juggled around the 1,000,000 mark, while Instagram has enjoyed a steady stream of shares on its new rival's site. Though the graph doesn't definitively prove that Vine users switched to Instagram, as the saying goes: "when you put two and two together," Instagram definitely had an influence.

Have you made the switch from Vine to Instagram? What do you think are the advantages of one over the other?