Apple has just released its third version of iOS 7 beta, and users have uncovered a hidden code that may reveal the iPhone's next big feature: a high-speed, slow-motion camera.

The feature, codenamed 'Mogul', is deep within iOS 7 beta, and can't be used on current iPhones due to outdated hardware; meaning this may very well be in the company's next edtion of the phone. According to the code, the camera will be able to record at 120 frames per second—much, much faster than the iPhone's current 30 frames per second, which suggests that video may be played back crisp, slow and beautifully. However, this is all in beta, so there is never any guarantee that this will make it into the final version of the next iPhone. But, imagine the possibilites: Instagram video could get a lot more interesting. 

If you want to see an example of 120 fps in action, check out the video above, shot using a Sony Action Cam HDR-AS15K.

[via The Verge]