As Zynga began its dying star implosion last year, we never would have thought they would shutter their original money-farm, OMGPOP. Zynga, the rapidly expanding social platform developer, know for inundating you with notifications about farming, or cow prices in FarmVille began circling the drain in 2011 as it’s stock plunged 80 percent.

OMGPOP’s New York gaming studio was responsible for Draw Something, which went from being a so-so diversion to worth more than $80 Million, it’s unfortunately a classic tale of an acquired start-up being suffocated under Zynga’s corporate thumb. The clever little OMGPOP was acquired for way too much money and the Zynga overlords got to making sequels to the cloned games it already produced. Exactly what Draw Something 2 was suppose to achieve we’ll never know.

OMGPOP will go down as a bloated acquisition by Zynga and as a little hardy start-up that could have done a lot better for itself by staying away from the Facebook game beast.