Where: UK
Address: 38 High St., Birmingham
Website: bullring.co.uk
Year Built: 2003; site has existed since 1553

When the new Bullring replaced the old Bull Ring, the change in name may have been small, but it was out with the old and in with the new, shiny, and modern. The Seldfridges department store, designed by Future Systems architects, is a gleaming, wavy bubble of 15,000 shiny aluminum discs, and jutting out from one of the openings is a enclosed walkway leading to more stores. As far as shopping goes, middle-of-the-line shops like Hollister and Forever21 are some of the most popular, but you came to sightsee anyway, right? You can't miss the 7-foot bull on your way out; the sculpture has been the subject of quite a few vandals in the last few years. You can see how that'd be tempting.