Spending a hot summer day at the ballpark might have once been our nation's favorite pastime, but these days it isn't always as appealing as it used to be. First off, you have to find affordable tickets. Then, when you get there, you have to worry about paying for parking, the $8 beers, the over-priced hot dogs and, by the end, your wallet is looking considerably thinner compared to when you arrived. On top of that, with how much better our in-home entertainment systems have gotten today, it sort've begs the question: why would you even want to go see a game at all? Some people might love to paint their faces, watch from the bleachers or eat peanuts, but, for our money, it's hard to pass up on a flat-screen TV and a cushy seat at the couch instead. It's not just the comfort and price that makes watching at home so much better, either; it's the fact that we can have the luxury of DVR or HDTV or the RedZone channel to enhance our viewing experience in ways that a ballpark or stadium just can't match. Not convinced? Check out our History of How Tech Has Made Watching Sports Better and then ask yourself if those $5 dogs are really worth it.

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