It looks like there may be (a tiny glimmer of) hope for Tara Reid's career after all. According to The Hollywood Reporter, reports published by TMZ over the weekend claiming that Reid has been cut from the sure-to-be brilliant 2014 sequel to Sharknado are false, and the actress is very welcome to return if she chooses.

"The short answer is: Nope. Tara is invited back," Sharknado 2 producer David Latt commented. "Honestly, I don't know where that [TMZ story] came from."

The original story insinuated that former Beverly Hills 90210 star turned shark-killing machine, Ian Ziering, would be the only cast member from the first film to be asked back for the second. According to Latt, hardly anything about the sequel—save for the NYC setting—has been officially pitched to Syfy yet, meaning casting hasn't been discussed yet either. We're sure they've been talking over much more important things, like could a shark feasibly land on the Empire State Building viewing deck. 

"Syfy and The Asylum love Ian, Tara, Cassie [and] EVERYONE," Latt continued. "Hopefully she'll [Reid] be the one turning us down because this bizarre film gives her—and the rest of the cast—some great opportunities, and therefore [she will be] unavailable." Well, let's not get ahead of ourselves. It's a Syfy original, not a Sundance original or something. 

Sharknado 2—which, thankfully, is not its official name—is set to premiere with or without Tara Reid sometime during 2014.

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]