Poor Tara Reid. After experiencing an untimely boost in her career from the release of Syfy's so-terrible-it's-good TV movie, Sharknado, it seems that she's destined to fade into obscurity again in the next few months. According to TMZ, the actress has been cut from the NYC-set Sharknado 2, because the only actor producers want back from the first film is 90210 star Ian Ziering.

Yikes. Reid has previously said that she'd be down to appear in a sequel, but it doesn't look like we're going to be seeing her slaying sharks on the Empire State Building any time in the future. 

There is some sort-of good news, though: A fifth sequel to the American Pie franchise is said to be in development, so there's a potential job opportunity. If she doesn't get asked back, though, well...we got nothin'. Sorry Tara Reid.

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[via TMZ]