For the first time since the '40s, John Steinbeck's classic novel Grapes of Wrath is getting a film adaptationand possibly from Steven Spielberg.

According to DeadlineDreamWorks is currently in talks with Steinbeck's estate to make a new film based on the Great Depression-set book. It would be the only adaptation since the first film, which was released in 1940one year after the book was published. Apparently, Spielberg was eyeing to direct, but DreamWorks is currently officially stating that he's interested in producing and will not be directing. 

A fixture in high school English classes everywhere, Steinbeck's classic follows the story of a poor family of tenant farmers who move out to California in search of higher wages and the American dream. John Ford directed the 1940 film, and Henry Fonda starred.

So, there you have it, high school students, your pleas have been answered: You will soon have another film adaptation to watch for English class instead of reading the book as assigned.

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[via Deadline]