We've seen a ton of action videos come out for the new Splinter Cell Blacklist with exploding warehouses and huge firefights, but whatever happened to the quite sneaky killing? Have no fear, Blacklist will not only feature a return to its sneaky past but also a revamped version of its Spies vs. Mercs multiplayer mode for players to get as sneaky as they like.

Blacklist will offer the classic mode and a Blacklist mode that features 4 vs. 4. A new video shows off some advantages and strategies deployed by each class with Community Developer Zach Cooper and Level Design Director Geoff Ellenor.

While Mercs will have heavy firepower, Spies will rely on a third-person perspective and their environment to put well placed and preferably vertical knife wounds into their opponents.

Splinter Cell Blacklist hits the shelves on August 20 for the disavowed spy in all of us.

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