Release date: December 14, 2004
Record label: Hollywood Records

In 2001, Wes Anderson released The Royal Tenenbaums, the grandest, most fully realized expression of his particular worldview, all symetrical composition and knickknacks. It's a great film that explores the jumble that is family. His follow up, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, is even more ambitious. It's also more of a cartoon, and largely an unsucessful one.

Which is to say nothing about the soundtrack—that's immaculate. Comprised mostly of classics from David Bowie ("Life on Mars?") and Portuguese-languge covers of classics from David Bowie sung by Seu Jorge ("Rebel Rebel"), the soundtrack is a strange and wonderful achievement, the kind of thing you didn't realize you needed until you heard it. Bowie in Portuguese? Yes, please.—RS