A teen with Asperger's Syndrome and an undiagnosed heart condition died of a heart attack after getting overly excited about the Sonic the Hedgehog game he was playing on Xbox. This horrible incident happened all while playing his favorite game.

The Daily Mail however loves a good videogame tragedy; "Killed by a video game," reports the Mail. "Excitement 'triggered fatal heart attack of teenage who died whole playing his Xbox'."

The mother of the teen is calling for children who may be at risk to have mandatory heart screenings to prevent this kind of tragedy in the future.

The Daily Mail also dug up a doctor, Sanjay Sharma, to try to connect it to gaming. "There is a definite risk in predisposed young people playing video games that causes surges of adrenalin in the blood."

For that matter please avoid all things that may increase adrenalin.

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[Via Dailymail]