Call of Duty has long vaunted its sense of urgency and excitement on the player. Yeah, the single-player is just one long setpiece after another, but being in the thick of it, you can die pretty quickly, right?

Apparently that’s not the case with the original Black Ops – at least not during the game’s opening mission set in Cuba. Youtube user ‪T2DMrBungle has uploaded a video of himself playing the first mission of Black Ops on hardened difficulty without firing a gun, excepting two scripted scenes where you’re forced to shoot at whatever’s right in front of you.

“Aside from those two scenes in the game, it's basically just a movie. all i'm really doing is just watching things happen,” Bungle says. "Thank you Treyarch, for making such a fine game."

Unless this is the work of some kind of mod, which seems highly unlikely given that the game came out in 2010 (and thus why would you bother?), this is pretty embarrassing for Treyarch (Bungle does a good job pointing out the artifice of the game’s aforementioned urgency) and CoD in general. It makes you wonder: can you get through all of Black Ops without firing a gun? What about the whole series?

Either way, Black Ops already tried to narratively justify the existence of an African-American CIA operative in the 1960s, so more errors wouldn’t be surprising. Hit the video via the link below.