A hostage situation at a Hialeah, Fla. apartment complex has left seven people dead this morning, including the gunman. According to the Associated Press, local law enforcement got word of gunshots being fired inside of the complex around 6:30 p.m. last night. Hialeah police spokesman Sgt. Eddie Rodriguez said the shooter was "inside the building, moving from floor to floor. Eventually he barricades himself in an apartment."

Negotiators and a SWAT team tried to reason with the man, but communication eventually broke down. Police were forced to invade the building, gunning the man down during a shootout. The shooter reportedly killed six people: three women and three men, one of whom was walking his children into an apartment located across the street.

Neighbors say that the gunman was a resident of the complex, but police have yet to confirm this. Sgt. Rodriez told the Associated Press that authorities are still identifying the shooter and his victims, as well as trying to determine a motive.

[via Associated Press]