It's been a tragic week for the late Cory Monteith's friends and family, including his work family on FOX's Glee. Monteith portrayed jock Finn Hudson, an integral part of the series, and his passing has fans wary of how the show will continue. TV Line boss Michael Ausiello spoke with series creator Ryan Murphy (also of Nip/Tuck and American Horror Story fame) on how season five production will proceed, and how the cast/crew are reacting to Cory's passing.

Among the highlights: the show's production was only delayed a mere week at Lea Michele's (Monteith's off-screen girlfriend) request, who felt the cast and crew needed to be together and grieve. The show will open with a Beatles two-parter that had been in the works prior to Cory's passing, and hence, will not address Finn's absence. The last episode before hiatus will be a tribute to Cory/Finn, which Murphy and co-creator Brad Falchuk have just begun to crack.

Ryan also reveals that he and Lea staged an intervention for Cory - whom he viewed "like a son" - towards the end of production for season four, which Cory was receptive of: "I really expected him to fight me. He wanted to finish those last two episodes of [Season 4], and that’s when we found out about the addiction flaring up again and I said, “F–k no. We’re writing you out of these episodes. Your life is more important than any stupid TV show. You’re not going to film. You’re going to get in a car right now and get help that I and Brad and Lea have arranged.” I thought he was going to fight me. He said, instead, “OK, I’m so glad it’s over.” He embraced it and went without a fight and got in a car and went to rehab."

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[via TVLine]