Rise of the Triad (ROTT), the blisteringly fast-paced remake of the classic Apogee first person shooter will be released on PC on July 31. Pre-order now and get a nostalgia bomb that is four more classic Apogee game, including the original Rise of the Triad, ROTT expansion pack and two Blake Stone games in the Apogee Throwback Pack.

The classic mayhem that was ROTT returns to foil cultist Nazi baddies in this would-have-been sequel to Wolfenstein 3D. Oh and you get to play as a dog through some levels and rip apart everything, take that Call of Duty. We're excited to see some of the old school blood-splattered comedy that was in the original, and some magic staff explosions of course.

We only have one question, where can I find the shroom level?

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[Via RiseoftheTriad.net]