In the latest series of speculation surrounding the next wave of iOS devices, Apple suppliers say the company has been testing larger screens for both the iPad and iPhone. 

Apple has reportedly asked the suppliers to make prototype iPhones with five-inch screens, an entire inch larger than the iPhone's current four-inch screen. Apple may be testing this version of iPhone due to the popularity larger phones from rival companies have experienced, like Samsung's Galaxy line. The suppliers said they were also asked to create a 13-inch iPad—more than three inches larger than the current iPad's 9.7-inch screen. Like most rumors by way of Apple's suppliers, if Apple really is testing these larger versions of their devices, it doesn't mean they will actually see the light of day. The keyword in all of this is testing. But, it is possible. Apple has to adapt to a market where Samsung offers various screen sizes, and is becoming considerable threat. 

What do you think: Is bigger always better?

[via Wall Street Journal]