Just prior to its official release, a leaked trailer for Battlefield 4's brand new Battlelog feature surfaced.

Battlelog with be the all-consuming second-screen compliment to Battlefield 4, allowing you to change loadouts, follow a mini-map or stay in constant contact with game stats and achievements. Basically consuming your entire life, beware!

DICE, Battlefield’s developer is also working on the reboot end all reboots. Star Wars: Battlefront and has announced that its much farther along in development after only announcing the game at E3 last month. "The DICE team is well into development on that product already, so we feel very bullish about our shooter rotation over the next several years." We guess that's comforting but - of course - no date is given for the release

When it does come out though and you're playing with your Xbox One, you will be able to selectively record and edit segments of game, or the entire play with Kinect 2 voice commands. The last five minutes of every gameplay session will be automatically recorded though, whether you like it or not. A rumor surfaced this week that Microsoft would be releasing versions of Xbox One without a Kinect - making the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 the same price -  Microsoft quickly squashed it, no go.