Jade Cole was one of America’s Next Top Model’s greatest villains. She was convinced she already was a supermodel—what could Tyra Banks teach her?

When it came time for the girls to try their hand at acting in a CoverGirl commercial, Jade was ready. “Acting is a wonderful talent to withhold,” she intoned. The wannabe model then proceeded to flub her lines with Nick Cannon and strut through the set for 30 seconds (which is a lifetime in commercial time) before saying anything. And then, of course, she messed that up too. “I was making an entrance,” she assured the judges.

Jade somehow made it to the top three before being eliminated, but her arrogance lives on in our hearts. She’s been in a few music videos since then, and claims she turned down ANTM All Stars.

Fair enough, but what’s a girl got to do to get her own show?