Whether you're a skeptic or not, one thing's certain about the infamous case that inspired The Amityville Horror: The debates surrounding it aren't going to die down anytime soon. Just last year, in fact, a new documentary, My Amityville Horror, provided the angry, emotionally tortured Daniel Lutz—a youngster when the incidents first occurred—the opportunity to work through his painful memories.

The nightmare began in November 1974. The location: 112 Ocean Avenue, in Long Island, NY. Then-23-year-old Ronald DeFeo, Jr., walked through the home, armed with a .35 caliber rifle, and shot six of his family members—his parents and four younger siblings— to death. Mentally disturbed, DeFeo claimed that he'd heard their voices conspiring against him, thus prompting to act in self defense; as it turned out, he was a heroin and LSD addict and fully cognizant of what he was doing at the time.

Thirteen months after the DeFeo murders, George and Kathy Lutz, along with their three children, moved into the Ocean Ave. house, where a series of, per the Lutz family themselves, supernatural occurrences took place. The kids inexplicably began sleeping on their stomachs, resembling the dead DeFeo kids' bodies; George started imitating things about Ronald DeFeo's life, triggered by the realization that they looked alike; Kathy claimed to have seen demonic red eyes in windows; their youngest daughter, Missy, supposedly befriended an imaginary demon named "Jodie."

The Lutz family left the house after 28 days, leading to now three decades' worth of speculation about what really happened inside 112 Ocean Avenue.