Amanda Bynes used to be a name that inspired delight in all the fans who heard it. She was best known as an immense comedic talent, with a handle on physical comedy and an impeccable sense of timing. If there was every any kid that could hold her own among the giants on Saturday Night Live, it would've been Bynes. She was that good. She was that funny. 

Nowadays, however, Bynes reputation has tanked. Plagued by alleged mental illness, the 27-year-old actress has become a tabloid staple. Sad to say, she's become the laughing stock rather than the source of laughter. 

But we're confident she can get her groove back. If you take a look at her filmography, you'll see she's got it in her to make a comeback. All she needs to do is tap into the mentality that produced her best work. And which one was it? You'll see. Here's a ranking of all of Amanda Bynes' on-screen performances.