You know what's a wildly popular place for people to get their ink? Yep. You guessed it: the clink.

It's estimated that up to 75 percent of prison inmates have tattoos. What's more, a number of the nation's best tattoo artists honed their skills while doing time. In its upcoming season premiere, Spike TV's Ink Master delves into this phenomenon as it sends its contestants behind bars to give tats to the toughest "living canvasses" yet. With only 90 minutes to complete the task, and only one needle per artist, you could say the pressure is pretty intense. One mistake, and these guys will find themselves on the wrong side of some very incensed inmates.

Ink Master Season 3 premieres Tuesday, July 16 at 10/9c. To celebrate the occasion, Spike TV and Complex are sponsoring the #Tattoosday Instagram takeover. On July 16, post your favorite pic of your fiercest tat to Instagram using #Tattoosday, and you'll be considered for a $500 prize.

To get a sneak peak of Ink Master Season 3, click here now.