Year of release: 2010
Publisher: Chillingo 

Maybe it's indicitive of the times that a mobile game for iOS has been the most recent iteration of the Predator as a playable character. The 2010 Predators was a fun, but ultimately futile, attempt to wash out the taste of the more recent Alien vs Predator films.

The premise was in the right place: human mercenaries and criminals are dropped on a planet and are to be hunted for sport like so many stocked pond trout, but after some memorable appearances by different types of Predators (hunting pred-dogs!) the film becomes static.

The iOS game of the same name was published by Chillingo, the same people behind Angry Birds, and is actually a pretty succinct incarnation of the Predator. No puzzles, no collecting items on pointless fetch quests, the game has you control the Predator and hunt the humans of the film. The attention to detail in the Predator's infrared vision, the game controls, and the top down action make a seemingly simple iOS game a gory and perfect representation of one of the most enduring movie monsters.