An Ohio man with a love for inantimate objects was arrested for having sex with a rubber pool raft. This is just one of many incidents where the man was arrested for an inappropriate public display of his love for rafting.

Back on Jun. 17, a child told authorities that he saw Edwin Charles Tobergta walk out of his house naked, then ravage the raft in a fit of passion. Yesterday, Tobergta was indicted for public indecency, and prosecutors probably won't go easy on him because he has a history of raft sex—he's been arrested a stunning five times for it. 

Back in Aug. 2011, he allegedly stole someone else's pink inflatable raft and had his way with it in an alley behind his home. Tobergta obviously believes in the pleasure principle of "anytime, anyplace." Unfortunately for him, nobody wants to watch him fuck a raft, so he'll spend a year in jail if convicted.

[via Gawker]