Summons data and court records from New York City showed that the NYPD issued more tickets to people riding their bikes on the sidewalk than speeding drivers last year. According to the Criminal Court of the City of New York 2012 Annual Report, 25,000 summonses for sidewalk bicycle riding were handed out, making it the third most common summons. That figure does not include cyclists who received tickets for moving violations, which aren't taken as seriously. 

2012 NYPD moving violations reports revealed that 71,305 motorists received citations for speeding, and that 52,186 of them were distributed by the highway patrol. That leaves just 19,119 drivers who were given tickets for speeding by local police precincts. Note that speeding was the leading cause of traffic deaths in New York City last year, and that it kills more people than drunk and distracted drivers combined.

Priorities, people.

[via Streetsblog New York City]