On Friday, a drunken man who complained about losing his wife and his job was knocked unconcious after a racist rant against a black couple in the West Village. The New York Post originally reported that Austin Dewan, 31, was angry about losing his job at Goldman Sachs, but a rep for the firm denied that he ever worked there.

Andrea Raphael, a spokesperson for Goldman Sachs, said Dewan was never an employee:

While it was reported that the man who was punched in the incident in the West Village last night was possibly an employee of Goldman Sachs, we have no record of him ever being employed at Goldman Sachs.

The company obviously wants to create as much distance as possible from him. According to police sources, Dewan was seen stumbling around the West Village on Friday evening, before 25-year-old Douglas Reddish tried to keep him sturdy and prevent him from falling into other tables at Benny's Burritos. That's when Dewan reportedly yelled "This n***er wants to fight me.” He also reportedly yelled "You n****** are why I lost my job" to Reddish and his female companion, prompting Reddish to knock him out with one punch.

Dewan suffered serious injuries after hitting his head on the sidewalk. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital in critical condition; he's since been upgraded to stable. Reddish was arrested and charged with misdemeanor assault.

[via Gothamist and New York Post]