The latest episode of the Fallout fan-made series Nuka Break - Red Star is way better than it should be.

Machinima, has other live-action adaptations in the pipe, including League of Legends, Skyrim, Minecraft, Half-Life, Assasin’s Creed, and even Dead Island will have its bloody torso in the light of day.

Let's face it, most fan films are more joke than content but Red Star is straight-up great. We're excited to see the Nuka Break series back with a more series bend. This time a wasteland Ranger must find a girl sold into slavery using a bargaining chip from the title. For those unaware, the star bottle caps from Fallout series are rare items that have some very series NPC collectors who will hunt and kill you if you have too many in your inventory, but collecting can unlock special quests and are worth a lot of cash besides.

We're excited to see where the Nuka Break series takes us and really like the New Vegas dark vibe from the latest entry. Feature length Fallout Film anyone?

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[Via Machinima]