New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority will take a bizarre ride to the pharcyde into the mind of the millennial as they try to develop a financial plan for the next two decades. MTA officials took the time to break down this group, born after 1980, with a one sheet explaining their state of mind and habits. According to MTA, millennials live a "tech-savvy ‘24-hour’ lifestyle," and possess this burning desire to "live in urban settings." In other words, we're people.

MTA chief spokesman Adam Lisberg also believes millennials have little knowledge of the days when graffitti adorned subway cars and stations. Not fair, Mr. Lisbergsome of us grew up on the core elements of hip-hop culture, regardless of age. 

The agency says the bulk of the information that heled to analyze these millennial behaviors and opinions came from surveys. MTA director of special project development and planning William Wheeler said that younger passengers demand the most recent, to-the-minute information that allow them to "make quick decisions." Isn't that everyone that rides the subway? Hell, isn't that everyone that lives in New York City?

Also, Lisberg's assertion that young passengers are more impressed with the thought of Wi-Fi and countdown clocks than the subway not catching fire is a bit off, regardless of what information surveys yielded. Is Wi-Fi important? Yes, but not as important as safety. Safe trains transporting us to and from locations in a timely manner is always a priority.

[via New York Times]