Use of the Die Hard scenario: A disgraced former police officer fights a group of terrorists who are attempting to rob jewels from a hotel.
Stand-in for John McClane: Kit Li (Jet Li)

There are few movies more aggressively American than Die Hard. It’s brash, profane, pervasively violent, and driven by a lone hero who saves the day (with the help of his black friend, but usually McClane gets all the credit). However, the red, white, and blue running through each frame of the film didn’t stop the Chinese action flick, Meltdown, from ripping it off nearly beat for beat, almost to the point of satire.

The movie stars Jet Li as a former police officer who now works as a stuntman after the accidental deaths of his wife and child forced him into retirement. But he gets back into the action as Russian terrorists—even the Chinese used the Russians as villains during the ‘90—break into a hotel to steal some rare jewels.