Most underrated feature: The history 
Most underrated person: King Philip of Spain 
Most underrated moment: Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

It’s more than just meth labs and old people. Fetishizing Walter from Breaking Bad’s life is a Twitter trend, but the beautiful burnt umber backdrop of Albuquerque was once home to super religious Spanish explorers in the mid-1500s. They left their churches, adobe pueblas, and a general sense of history that most places west of the Mississippi River don’t possesses.

The Old Town city center still boasts the San Felipe De Neri Church and a kind of organic culture around the gorgeous Rio Grande River (which has been the subject of cowboy songs for centuries). Although Albuquerque is considered a great place to retire, any artistic up-and-coming professional can utilize the 280 day average of sunny days complete with dry heat (great for most painting) and incredibly low income and property taxes to create a colony of potential in their own cheaply priced adobe.

Albuquerque also has incredible ethnic diversity, with the University of New Mexico boasting one of the largest amounts of Hispanic and Native American students and faculty in the country. So, you can chill on the cheap in the desert surrounded by nature and history, or you can blow up some RVs with your mobile meth lab. You choose.