What happened to your American dream? Did it get lost in your paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle in that filthy urban hub you call home? Are you swallowing it down with $15 happy hour cocktails, squandering it spending every night in your over-priced hovel, or sacrificing it at your eight hour (or whenever the boss stops instant messaging you) cubicle gig? You don't have to live like that, man.

Here are 15 Underrated Cities in the US that will appeal to all your artistic, atheletic, and economic dream while finally providing you with the lifestyle you deserve. All you have to give up is the subway car panic attacks, bone-dry bank account, and access to what seems like 7 million different kinds of entertainment in one of these overrated cities. Oh, and maybe an uncompromised Wi-Fi connection. Nothing comes without sacrafice. 

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