Drunkard of the year: Man driving similar car as armed robbery suspects arrested for DUI
Registered meth labs: 891
Total strip clubs: 10
Most ratchet moment of 2013 (so far): Man arrested for pointing "finger guns" at neighbors
Number of IHOPs: 3

You can't travel the "meth belt" without hitting Tulsa. In Tulsa County, 979 meth sites have been discovered since 2004—two times more than any other county in the country. Guess where the bulk of them have been found? Yup—Tulsa.

Some Tulsa residents apply the "anytime, anyplace" principle when cooking meth, meaning they'll chef it up in Walmart if struck by the urge. Tulsa police thought the meth problem had been solved about 6 years ago; this was a few years after the state of Oklahoma passed a bill to control the sale of pseudoephedrine (a key meth ingredient) placing it behind counters at pharmacies and forcing buyers to provide identification to purchase it. By 2011, meth lab discoveries were on the incline again thanks to the "shake 'n' bake" meth phenomenon, which is extrelemy dangerous, but do you really expect meth producers or users to care about ill consequences?

The number of meth labs discovered between 2011 and 2012 dropped significantly, which means there could be a light at the end of this crystalized tunnel for Tulsa. Then again, there's always an alleged international aircraft maintenance bribery scandal to remind everyone how far Tulsa is from decency.