Drunkard of the year: Reese Witherspoon's husband, even though she stole the show
Registered meth labs: 2
Total strip clubs: 29
Most ratchet moment of 2013 (so far): Mother tased by mall cop
Number of IHOPs: 4

For a second, forget about anything you may have witnessed with your own eyes or heard about on Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta. Alright, now that you've been spiritually cleansed, know that Atlanta is far more than your wildest imaginings. Virtually rebuilt following the Civil War, Atlanta is home to the headquarters of CNN, TBS, and The Weather Channel, Little Five Points and the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site. Despite all of this honor, all of this prestige, Atlanta is an undebiably ratchet petri dish. Earlier this year, one gent's face was used as an eraser after he allegedly shot a cop who was investigating drug activity in his Southwest Atlanta neighborhood in the face.

Strip clubs are as abundant and fruitful as mega churches are in Atlanta; they're places where people go just to kick it, not just for the sole purpose of ogling T&A, though plenty of that surely happens. Hitting the strip club in Atlanta is just like hitting the club. On a positive note, Atlanta is home to dedicated service industry workers, i.e. pizza delivery men who will still deliver your pizza, even after being carjacked.

So even though there's more to Atlanta than the ratchet culture you see on TV and WorldStarHipHop, that culture is still very present. Be like activist Michaela Angela Davis, Atlanta. Bury the ratchet. And, please, watch how you talk to security guards at the mall.