Where: Serendipity 3
Where: New York
Address: 225 East 60th St.
Cost: $295 

Pretty pretentious princesses who dare to even eat can partake in a burger that is just a pointless as their expensive handbags, but probably way more delicious. New York’s Serendipity 3 featured Le Burger Extrevagant, a Japanese waygu beef burger teaming with truffle butter, aged cheddar by a famed cheesemaker named James Montgomery, and an extra shaving, for good measure of course, of black truffles. There's also crème fraiche with a blini and Kaluga caviar all on a buttered truffle roll. If this sounds audacious, the bling that adorns it might just be worth the price. It comes with a diamond-encrusted gold toothpick.