Xbox Live's upcoming transitions from Microsoft Points to local currency could cause prices to go up as much as 32 percent for U.K. Xbox Live users, according to beta testers for Xbox 360 Dashboard update posting on NeoGAF.

Although beta testers signed a non-disclosure agreement - forbidding them from discussing any details of the update - that didn't stop angry users from taking to public forums to voice their displeasure with the apparent price-hike.

In the beta, prices on Xbox Live are listed in local currency and users Microsoft Points balances have also been converted. According to these testers, all Xbox Live Marketplace prices have gone up in pounds compared to their previous MS point conversion and their points balances have converted to less then their previous conversion price.

It's not clear if these beta-prices are fixed or will be changed as part of the process. More updates to come.

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[Via NeoGaf]