More big news today out of Redmond, WA. Responding to criticisms about the company's unwillingness to let indie game developers self-publish their own title's for the upcoming Xbox One, Microsoft has reportedly changed their tune, with industry sources saying today that the video game goliath will now allow smaller developing studios to digitally distribute their games without a publishing partner. 

Microsoft had been catching a lot of flack about the issue recently, with noted past indie collaborators like Brian Provinciano and Lorne Lanning voicing their hesitation to work with the company again in the future. The outcry only increased when their main competitor, Sony, announced their intentions to work more closely with indies developing for the PlayStation 4, a move that undoubtedly further forced Microsoft's hand. 

With these new guidelines, developers will now be able to control the release dates and pricing of their titles which, honestly, seems like things they should've been able to do for awhile now. On top of that, Microsoft will also be reworking their certification process in order to make the process more streamlined and efficient for all. 

Score one for the little guys, everyone. 

[via Game Informer]

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