Haven't jumped into the tablet game yet? Things looking a little expensive? Well, good news: Microsoft has just announced it is hacking off $150 from its Surface RT line, starting in just a few days.

Okay, okay, the Surface RTs haven't been selling well to begin with (the Surface Pro is the superior version), but they are a decent tablet line, and could make a good addition if you're lacking any type of tablet in your life—or maybe a starter tablet for the parents? Microsoft recently teased that they may be releasing updated versions of both the RT and Pro soon, which may explain the price decrease. The cuts go into effect on July 14 (at Staples, at least), so keep an eye out. The RT prices will now be as follows:

  • Surface RT 32GB - $349.99
  • Surface RT 64GB - $449.99
  • Surface RT 32GB with Touch Cover - $449.99
  • Surface RT 64GB with Touch Cover - $549.99 

[via The Verge]