Google gets asked to take down a number of sites all of the time due to copyright infringement. As they say, it's the name of the game. With the search engine race heating up these days between Bing and Google, it's no surprise that Microsoft is especially observant when it comes to getting Google to censor things it thinks falls under these copyright laws. Even if its turns out to be itself.

That's right. Microsoft (we're hoping accidentally) sent Google a takedown notice for It's like Microsoft just performed the ultimate type of search engine harakiri. The request was sent by LeakID, which Microsoft uses as its anti-piracy service. LeakID routinely sends out takedown notices on behalf of Microsoft, like the one you see below, which shows a request to take down links to Microsoft's store, its Office and support page, and links to its home site. Fortunately for them, Google spotted what the suspected as an error and didn't remove the links from search results, saving Microsoft an appeal process it would have gone through to get the links back up. 

[via Gizmodo]