Medical marijuana is finally legally available for sale in D.C., and it only took 15 years. Yesterday, Capital City Care (1334 North Capitol St. NW) opened its doors as the city's first licensed clinic, and a 51-year-old HIV-positive man became D.C.'s first legal medical marijuana sale in nearly 80 years. Electing only to provide his middle name, Alonzo, the man told the Washington Post that he had been closely monitoring the city's drawn out medical marijuan plan. 

Alonzo said the antiviral drugs he uses to fight infections result in difficulty struggling and digesting, as well as insomnia. He learned about the benefits of medial marijuana as treatment from a partner during a trip to Amsterdam during the mid-1990s. This past March, he talked to his doctor about a recommendation for medical marijuana:

He asked why, and I outlined my challenges, he said. I really don’t want to have a prescription drug dependency, and they weren’t working for the insomnia. He was agreeable to it. And then the long wait.

Capital Care offers four strains of medical marijuanaMaster Kush, OG Kush, Jack Herer and Blue Dream—ranging from $380 to $400 per ounce. More options will be available at the District's other two planned, licensed dispensaries. Alonzo purchased strains of Blue Dream, Master Kush and Jack Herer yesterday.

Though Capital City Care spokesman Scott Morgan said he wasn't aware of health care providers willing to foot the bill for medical marijuana, he told the Post that veterans, senior citizens and low-income patients will receive a discount of 10 to 15 percent. 

[via Washington Post]