You have to be crazy to want to be on the inside of a jail, right? Well Matthew Matagrano is a special type of crazy, because he did it to could grope inmates. Matagrano, a convicted sex offender, was already in trouble for using a badge from the Civil Advocates of New York to gain access to the Manhattan Detention Center on Feb. 27. Now, he's been accused of assaulting inmates during his time on the inside, grabbing his testicles and yelling "Don’t f*** with me. I will hurt you."

A complaint filed by the inmate led to Matagrano, 37, being charged with burglary as a sexually motivated felony. In the past, he was indicted for possession of a forged instrument, burglary, criminal impersonation and promoting prison contraband. Apparently, he's committed the same crime before at the lower Manhattan jail where he masqueraded as "an investigator from the Intelligence Unit."

Oddly enough, Matagrano had kind words for the Department of Correction's employees. "They give me food. They made me feel important,” he reportedly said. Matagrano did a stint in federal prison for sodomizing a 15-year-old boy. Court records show he's done time in state prisons for assorted felonies, as well.

[via New York Daily News]