Last month, a California native was caught by a U.S. Customs agent trying to smuggle $128,547 inside of his socks while returning from Mexico. Antonio Rakigjija, 51, was re-entering the country with his son in San Ysidro, Calif. when an agent with a narcotics and human detection dog stopped them. His son explained that they traveled to Mexico for a few hours “for his father's agriculture business.” 

On two occasions, the men denied having anything to declare. However, the agent located a jar of marijuana in one of their jackets which was lying the backseat of the car. During a patdown, Rakigjija owned up to having the cash stashed in his socks, explaining that “the money was for business expenses related to his bean export company.” He said it had been wired to a Tijuana currensy exchange by a company in Mexico he does business with. 

According to Rakigjija, he was "distracted" by the little weed incident, which made him forget about the large sum of money in his socks. He was charged with felony smuggling of bulk cash. He wants the money back, claiming he needs it for a house payment, as well as to fund his kid's marriage and college tuition. 

Good luck, sir.

[via Gawker]