Computer viruses usually mean you'll get a brief headache, do a virus scan, then go about your daily business. Unless you're 21-year-old Jay Matthew Riley, scratch all that and insert jail time.

Thanks to a malware virus called "ransomware" that popped up while he was viewing child porn, the Virginia native turned himself into police after the virus produced a fake ad that demanded he pay a $200 fine for having the illegal images on his computer. Ransomware worked better than it was originally intended: the virus works by scaring people into paying a fine that they think is going to authorities, but is actually going to the scammers. The ad that showed up on Riley's computer looked like this: 


When Riley showed up at the station, cops issued a search warrant for his computer and found messages and photos with underage girls. He's currently being held in the slammer without bond.

[via Gizmodo]