K. Michelle has been shouting about her fleeing Atlanta in favor of her own spinoff show for a couple of months now. Kudos to her on that accomplishment, but she must take us all for damn fools to continue perpetuating the myth that it was Atlanta that spurred all of the conflict in her life.

Listen, I’ve bought a few of K.’s singles and wish her well in her quest to become the nouveau Millie Jackson. Even so, it’s been her reckless disregard of everyone’s thoughts and feelings under the guise of “keeping it real”—a dense type of hood logic long overdue for a horrible death—that’s made her public enemy number one on the show at times. To her credit, she’s worked at rectifying the rifts she's created. She's now cool with Joseline, stopped kicking Karlie Redd’s cane out from under her, and surprisingly, made peace with the Georgia Peach Rasheeda. It remains to be seen whether or not K. Michelle will stay out of trouble now that she’s in New York, but if the Memphis singer ends up doing the same old two-step in the Big Apple, it’ll only take her a second to sit on that big butt of hers and figure out who’s at fault. 

P.S. I miss you already, K.