As gross as it is to hear Momma Dee greet her very much grown son with “Hey, Mama Big Man,” Lil’ Scrappy does indeed continue to behave like a child who blames all his problems on everyone else. Fans might love “Some Cut,” but no one is going to cry for Daryl when he acts as if that rented room in the West End show producers are calling a rehab center (allegedly, or something) is “hell.” You don’t fry bacon in hell, Scrappy.

Meanwhile, “Mama Big Man” ended up realizing that Erica is the one he ought to marry. Unfortunately, Erica is tired of trying to make their relationship work. Scrappy tried to blame his mama for their problems, but Erica made it apparent that it’s recidivism, not the relationship he has with his overbearing mom. While I liked watching their hood love, I understand why Erica said peace out to that recurring problem in her life. I sure hope she meets a nice man at the bank. 

In related “maybe you should dump him news,” despite Kirk’s half-assed attempts at correcting his infidelity and other varying forms of disrespect towards his very pregnant wife, Rasheeda is unmoved. Let that be a lesson to all cheating men: Balloons are bullshit and don’t make a mad wife turn that frown upside down.