During a game of golf, Mimi and Erica discussed the concept of permanently blocking your no good ex-boyfriend from their lives. While Erica seemed content with living a Lil’ Scrappy-less life, Mimi quickly reminded her that when you have a child with someone, you have to be the bigger person in the interest of the child and co-parent. Though that was a reasonable argument, I became confused when the issue shifted to child support. Both Mimi and Erica complained of their exes wanting to give them money to care for their kid—only with certain strings attached. In other words, some sex for some child support. Yeah, that’s not how child support works. Can someone inform these women that there is a whole legal system out there set up to prevent them from having to smash a man they can’t stand to cover the cost of their child’s daycare and Lunchtables?

Well, inform Erica anyway. Mimi appeared to know how it works, only she’d rather keep her under-the-table cash only arrangement in the event she’d like to do something nice for herself. Say, a breast lift. See, Mimi has been nursing her daughter for three years, so when Stevie handed her a bag full of cash, she grinned like hell. I suppose I would, too, if I had teeth marks all over my tits.

P.S. The bills Stevie handed Mimi looked like they could only be used to buy Boardwalk and Baltic Avenue, but for the sake of good TV, let’s let them make it.